BOOK: The Mercifully Brief, Real-World Guide to Raising $1,000 Gifts by Mail

101701027The Mercifully Brief, Real-World Guide to Raising $1,000 Gifts by Mail By Mal Warwick Published by Emerson & Church Publishers (2005) Can you motivate a donor to respond to your next mailing with a thousand dollar gift? Absolutely, says Mal Warwick in his book, Raising $1000 Gifts by Mail. Mal is the dean of high dollar direct mail he practically invented it. Mal points to organizations like yours that have, somewhat astoundingly, turned small givers into big ones … with just the right mailing. Here is one example. Heeding Mal’s advice, a regional activist organization sent just 889 letters to selected donors. This small mailing produced income of $59,450. That is impressive. But even better: gifts averaged $2,123! And the cost of the mailing was 14 cents per dollar raised. A second example: An anti-hunger organization sent just over 10,000 high-dollar pieces. The mailing yielded 679 gifts totaling $117,749. And the overall response was a whopping 6.4 percent! When there is gold underfoot, you can scratch the surface and content yourself with $25 and $50 nuggets. Or, using Mal’s strategies, you can drill down and mine that rich vein of $1000, $2000, even $5000 donors by mail. Available for purchase at and other retailers.

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