Women for Women International mid-level giving program builds donor buzz

WFW-Leadership-Circle-Insert-Cropped-2Women for Women International (WfWI) supports women in war-torn countries by providing vocational skills training, rights education, and critical health information. WfWI also helps build women’s confidence and emotional well-being by connecting them to social networks and safety nets in their communities. Mal Warwick | Donordigital recently had the opportunity to work with WfWI to develop a new mid-level giving program to move donors up the giving ladder to deepen their commitment. The goal was to encourage donors in the $100 to $500 giving range to give an annual single gift of $1,000 or more. The offer used a combination of direct mail techniques which included a “high touch” two-part mail invitation series—the first being a monarch style four-page personalized letter, with the second using a note card style “RSVP” technique. This was the first time that WfWI had ever reached out to its donors with a branded mid-level giving program and both efforts of the invite series vastly exceeded our expectations. Over 80 donors upgraded to join the new membership program. Our team worked closely with WfWI staff to create a unique brand identity for the program, calling it the Leadership Circle, which includes a separate logo, dedicated WfWI staff liaison, and communication plan that incorporates higher-touch newsletters and solicitations. While we know donors give to feel good and not for flashy benefits, we did want to offer a few membership perks to show our gratitude to donors who became a part of this select donor group. As one example, we invited new members of the Leadership Circle to join a townhall conference call with WfWI international field staff to listen to program details firsthand, have the opportunity to ask questions, and hear from other Leadership Circle members joining the call. We also offered all new Leadership Circle members a quarterly newsletter, special recognition in annual reports, event invitations around the country, and a special gift—a lapel pin—as a token of thanks. By inviting and engaging donors to deepen their connection to WfWI through the Leadership Circle, we’re thrilled to have spear-headed a new chapter in the organization’s long-term growth. photo-thumbnail-tiffTiffany Reed is a Senior Account Executive with Mal Warwick | Donordigital, the online fundraising, marketing, and advertising company.

Mal Warwick | Donordigital-created control package wins “Grand Control of the Year”

ucs-insertOur agency is thrilled to acknowledge that a control package we created for our client Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) won the FundRaising Success Magazine Gold Award for “Grand Control of the Year”. The control package was mailed for more than three years as part of UCS’s member acquisition efforts. Our team designed the package internally and our copywriter was Barry Cox. The front of the outer envelope shows Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, and a single line of copy: “It’s time to clear the air…” The four-page letter identifies these culprits as “filling the airwaves with outright distortions every day about the reality of climate change.” A fact sheet inside the mail package provide a comparison of pundit statements with scientific facts and positions taken by UCS. The order form in the package includes a petition call-to-action addressed to Fox News Channel CEO Rupert Murdoch, asking him to correct the mistakes being made by his celebrity hosts identified on the outer envelope. The package also includes premiums (name and address labels and a book as a back-end fulfillment) which helped to lift fundraising response. UCS Membership Director John Mace is quoted in the article that: “The offer of the book premium, at a $35 gift level, serves to increase our average gift. We’ve seen the book serve to increase our membership retention/renewal rates; new members who sign up at the $35-plus level and receive the book have a higher renewal rate.” We invite you to read the full article on the FundRaising Success website. photo-thumbnail-danDan Doyle is the President and Creative Director of Mal Warwick | Donordigital.

BOOK: How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals, Third Edition

1How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals, Third Edition By Mal Warwick, with Eric Overman Published by Jossey-Bass (2013) Includes Sample Letters, Real World Examples, Style Tips, New Chapters on E-mail, Websites, Social Media, and More… Now in a completely revised third edition, this classic book shows how to create winning appeals that will realize the full potential of direct mail and online fundraising. Written by fundraising guru Mal Warwick, with assistance from Eric Overman, this comprehensive resource gives nonprofit fundraising staff the information needed to write compelling fundraising appeals for any medium. If you follow Warwick’s guidelines, your direct mail and online fundraising campaigns will produce better results, year after year. Written in an easy-to-read style, the book is filled with practical techniques, proven approaches, and illustrative examples of both successful and unsuccessful appeals based on the authors’ wealth of experience fundraising for hundreds of nonprofits. Step-by-step and appeal by appeal, the book shows how to navigate the fundraising appeal process with ease. To meet the demands of today’s socially connected donors, this new edition explains how to mesh today’s online technologies with direct mail to produce optimal fundraising results. You’ll learn how to use e-mail, websites, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile technology to recruit more donors and raise more money. The book includes current research on timely topics such as online vs. offline behavior, online giving statistics, demographics, and best practices in integrated fundraising. If you’re a nonprofit professional eager to master the latest methods in fundraising, or simply need to write direct mail appeals for your organization, How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals will help you hone your skills and create appeals that will hit the mark every time. Available for purchase on Amazon.com and other retailers.