BOOK: Ten Steps to Fundraising Success: Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Organization

ten-steps-cover1Ten Steps to Fundraising Success: Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Organization By Mal Warwick and Stephen Hitchcock Published by Jossey-Bass (2001) In Ten Steps to Fundraising Success, two of the country’s leading fundraising experts Mal Warwick and Stephen Hitchcock show you how to implement a fundraising strategy that goes beyond simply raising money to meet your organization’s financial requirements. Step-by-step, Warwick and Hitchcock show you how to develop a mission-driven fundraising strategy that is based on Warwick’s highly successful Five Strategies approach. The Five Strategies for Fundraising Success — offer you the additional advantages of electing and crafting your own strategic plans right on the page, and analyzing the results. Available for purchase at and other retailers.  

BOOK: The Five Strategies for Fundraising Success: A Mission-Based Guide to Achieving Your Goals

five-strategies-coverThe Five Strategies for Fundraising Success: A Mission-Based Guide to Achieving Your Goals By Mal Warwick Published by Jossey-Bass (2000) In this practical and engaging guide, top fundraising consultant Mal Warwick introduces an entirely new and revolutionary approach to fundraising strategy and planning. He shows nonprofit organizations how to set fundraising goals based on mission and how to select, implement, and stay with the right strategies to meet those goals. His five fundamental fundraising strategies are Growth, Involvement, Visibility, Efficiency, and Stability (GIVES), all of which link directly to specific and appropriate fundraising goals. The decision as to which strategy to use springs from the organization’s mission, and all fundraising activities are focused on fulfilling that mission. Through real-world examples, Warwick shows readers how to choose a primary strategy that will drive both long-term fundraising planning and day-to-day fundraising activities. He then takes them step by step through the process of integrating the strategy into current operations, evaluating its progress, and sticking to the chosen strategy while facing the inevitable changes, obstacles, and setbacks that nonprofits encounter every day. He also provides self-tests to help readers determine which strategy and tactics will be most effective for their organizations. The Five Strategies for Fundraising Success ensures that organizations make informed, productive decisions about their futures. Available for purchase on and other retailers.

2013 Marketing Awards for eXcellence & Innovation

MAXI_Logo400pxlWednesday night (July 31, 2013) at the annual Direct Marketing Association of Washington conference, Mal Warwick | Donordigital and our clients were recognized for our marketing and fundraising excellence.  Together we walked away with a five awards.  We won awards in the acquisition, renewal, special appeal, and telephone fundraising categories! We are honored to share these awards with the Human Rights Campaign, PETA, Ocean Conservancy, Brady Campaign, and Project Bread.  For these current and past clients we received the following honors: Human Rights Campaign – Nonprofit Renewal – HRC Renewal Zero – Silver PETA – Nonprofit Acquisition – PETA Postcard Acquisition – Silver Ocean Conservancy – Nonprofit Special Appeal – Guardians Year End – Bronze Brady Campaign – Nonprofit Appeal TM – TM Conversion Campaign – Silver Project Bread –  Nonprofit Special Appeal – Thanksgiving Appeal – Bronze Established in 1979, the MAXI (Marketing Award for eXcellence & Innovation) Awards program recognizes and honors outstanding achievements in the field of direct marketing. The criteria for MAXIs illustrate the difference between a MAXI and other contests in that a campaign’s results will carry more weight than any of the other scored criteria. All entries are judged on the following six criteria: results, strategy, copy, design/format, production, and innovation. Congratulations to everyone for this well deserved recognition and great results! Dan Doyle is the President and CEO of Mal Warwick | Donordigital