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Acquisition, Renewals & Appeals

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Direct mail pieces that we design always feature clear
calls-to-action and distinctive design to drawn in the supporter.


Donor acquisition is a long-term investment and we strive to balance front-end performance with the long-term value of a donor–across both the direct mail and online channels. We are experts at helping our clients navigate the investment opportunities across multiple channels and drive long-term value of a donor into our ongoing review of acquisition performance. This means that we review the long-term value of a donor every time we review and build your new donor acquisition plans.


A renewal series is often the work horse of an effective direct marketing program. Once you have an established fundraising program, with a steadily increasing base of support, we help engage and retain your members and donors through a systematic, carefully sequenced, and highly personalized series of integrated renewal messages. In developing renewal programs, we bring new energy to a client’s current series that is designed to keep your donors and members contributing year after year.


Special Appeals provide strategies that captivate and engage donors through stronger, more donor-centric messaging that improve response rates, or upgrade average gifts amounts, or both. An area of expertise for Mal Warwick | Donordigital. Appeals are often more urgent, and they seek to find donors who are able and willing to support organizations with multiple gifts over the course of a year–a gift above and beyond the institutional membership renewal gift. A timely special appeal points to an organization’s leadership in one or more critical areas. These varied appeals–some are cornerstone appeals mailed every year and others are uniquely developed in a given year–help identify and capitalize on specific donors’ interests and cultivate long-term relationships. Let us put our expertise to work for your cause in building donor loyalty and value through special appeals.