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Raise Money Through Direct Mail

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We craft direct mail campaigns to inspire and
motivate prospective donors to give.

Since 1979, we have provided full-service direct mail services to charitable organizations across the nation. Our fundraising programs have enabled our clients to build membership and donor bases that have yielded more than $1 billion in support of their work. Our approach has been based upon three important cornerstone beliefs:
  1. We believe fundraising must be integrated. We know that direct mail, online, telephone, and social media–as well as other channels–must all work together.
  2. We believe in direct marketing that is rooted in the fundamentals–strategy-driven creative, lots and lots of testing, sophisticated segmentation, and insightful analysis of what really works.
  3. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients … and them with their donors. We offer high-touch partnerships to our clients based on high levels of customer service.